A Manifest to Adblock and Antivirus Vendors

There is no need to block AuthedWebmine.cz or any scripts hosted on this domain.

AuthedWebmine.cz offers a Monero miner that can be embeded into other Websites. This miner will only ever run after an explicit opt-in from the user. The miner never starts without this opt-in.

Miner from AuthedWebmine.cz can be loaded into Websites via iframe from our domain only. This way, it is protected by same-origin policy against any changes in the opt-in screen and in the explicit user confirmation protocol.

Our miner won't ask user more than once in 24 hours to be as little disruptive as possible.

The opt-in notice is hosted on our servers and can not be changed by website owners. There is no sneaky way to force users into accepting this opt-in.

Click here to see how variants of the Opt-In looks like:

[start optional mining].
[start mandatory mining].

We kindly ask Adblock and Antivirus Vendors to support us.